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Beeswax Wraps

Bee Wise Beeswax Wraps – an alternative to using plastic wrap and sandwich bags, reducing the amount of waste going into landfill and the natural environment.

Each wrap is individually crafted by hand using locally sourced, naturally anti-bacterial beeswax, a dollop of organic, virgin coconut oil, a drop of oil of myrrh and an ever changing selection of 100% cotton, up-cycled, pre-loved and remnant fabrics. The wraps are totally biodegradable, ending up buried in your garden or cut up and popped in your compost when they are no longer effective.

At first they smell slightly sweet (like honey) and are sturdy, strong and resistant to odours and staining if cared for correctly.  After several uses they become softer and more pliable although in cooler weather a little more patience may be required as the warmth of your hands is how you help the wrap to either stick to itself, as a little package or to cover bowls and dishes of different sizes.  Some wraps are a little thicker than others due to the variations of fabrics available.  This doesn’t in any way effect the way they work, it just may take a little longer to soften them especially in cooler weather.

Bee Wise Beeswax Wraps come in four convenient sizes so you can use them on almost anything you would have formerly used plastic wrap or sandwich bags for.  The only exceptions being in contact with raw meats and seafood, or in the microwave.  The medium sized 28x28cm (11x11inch) squares, for example are the perfect size for sandwiches and the extra large 35x45cm (13x17inch) will cover a baking dish.